INSULATING PLATES for presses (rubber and thermosetting) 

Why use an insulating with high mechanical properties?

In the application of clamping unit of the press for rubber, is of fundamental importance the use of insulating material that maintain high physical and mechanical performance at the working temperature that often is more than 200C.

Is illogical super sizing machine plans for decrease the bending and then mount an insulator made with a resin that already at 150 softens, for which the compressive strength is lowered significantly to the detriment of plane parallelism and consequently the closure of the mold , with relative unbalance of the flash thickness.


SERVICEindustria Snc whose background in the field of rubber is now of fifty years, offer to operators of rubber industry, the new series of insulating for applications in high temperature, suitable material for the presses to compression and injection system

Our insulating are multilayer composites of glass fabric, legate with special resins resistant to high temperatures and pressures. 

The parallelism is guaranteed by grinding of the two faces of the plan.

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