Production of Items in PTFE and various Engineered Polymers

25 years of experience in the specific activity of automatic turning allows to face any production and satisfy the demands of customers, even the most demanding.

The quality that we guarantee is to produce compliance as required by design or by international standards. The instruments of measurement, the profile projector, the certification accompanying the purchase of raw materials, the "production cycle" that is observed and recorded for each job and also the "in-line control", allow us to have complete mastery of the process.

The deliveries are fast, however, respecting what has been agreed with the customer.

Items in PTFE 
Our production takes place exclusively via automatic turning of the bar (pipe or round max 42).
We can handle all types of PTFE-based materials virgin or filled bronze, carbon, graphite, glass ...
Some categories of products we produce are normally:
Bushings, Discs, O-Rings, Washers, Seats for balls ..., many are also articles on custom design.

Items in Engineered Polymers 

Of course with the same technology we can produce the same or other items with materials such as:

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