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Our experience in the field of elastomers generally dates from the early '70s, but since 2000 we have focalised exclusively on high tech elastomers.
The technical and commercial results until now obtained confirm the choice.


We addressed our business not for to be "a" supplier of gasket seals, but to become consultant of customer and develop together the right product for each different application.
We provide gasket seals as ORings, washers, clamps and technical items by molding of special compounds formulated and made internally in order to provide certain guarantees on the quality of the finished product, but also for optimize the customer's request depending on the specific application; clearly this is a advantage technical and economic.

Below a schematic representation of the family of compounds normally used:

ASTM Chemical description As an alternative to other trade names:
FFKM Perfluoroelastomer Kalrez - Chemraz - Isolast- Perlast - Parofluor™
Fluoroelast. with high fluoride
HNBR Hydrogenated nitrile Therban - Zetpol - Elast-O-Lion
FKM/AED Fluoroelast."A.Explosive Dec." Viton - Tecnoflon - Flourel - Dyneon - Dai-el
ETP Ethylene-TFE-PMVE Viton Extreme
TFE/P Tetrafluoroetilene/propilene Aflas
FMVQ Fluorosilicon FE  - FSE  - Silastic LS
The trademarks mentioned above are the property of their respective companies.

However our main item is the O-Rings in perfluoroelastomer for critical applications where high temperatures, steam, purity and chemical resistance are the factors to be solved; we have various degrees of perfluoroelastomer and other special compounds.
Our flexible organization allo
ws us to process orders in 1-2 weeks,
clearly in the case of production of standard compounds with existing molds.


High Tech compounds available     

O-Ring in FFKM compounds
O-Rings in  FKM 90 GLT HNBR AED compounds
O-Rings in other High Tech compound

            For general information and enquiries of O-Rings and custom item:                  info@serviceindustria.it 

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